Be very aware of the content you're consuming. Of the thoughts that you're putting in your mind. Of the habits you're creating with your body. You're being is made up of the little things from each day: what you consume, what you think, what you do. You never know which thing changes your life. Is it something you heard in a motivational podcast or read in a memoir of someone living a life similar to the one you want to live? Is it that habit you've been trying to cultivate paying off? Aim to improve yourself every single day. One day you will wake up and be the person you once only dreamed you could be. You will never know which one of the hundreds of actions, thoughts, or habits made it stick. It is even possible that without the hundreds of actions, thoughts, and habits working together, that the one thing couldn't stand on its own. Even more likely: there isn't one thing. It is always about the hundreds of things.

Surround yourself with positive messages and uplifting material. If you default to the TV or the phone in the evenings to decompress, try replacing that habit with something enjoyable but more conducive to the life you're trying to live. I’m not one for “habit development” as a means to trick ourselves into self-improvement - but if it’s a conscious, intentional effort towards a vision you have for yourself then I’m all for habit swapping. There are many roads to get where you’re going, sign up for a few things that help you reach your goals and take a little from each of them. Don’t follow any one single “way” as dogma. Read, ask questions, and explore until you form your unique path. Sign up for groups full of people with similar goals and be there for each other.