Don't let everyone else dictate what you do with your time. Prioritize the ATHLETE inside of you. Set YOUR daily intentions and reflect on your sessions to stay focused, reach your goals, and enhance athletic performance naturally though mindfulness.


How to use the Agenda:

Use the Athlete Agenda to prioritize your Agenda. If your Agenda includes you-time, health, fitness, good nutrition, recovery, and self-reflection... then the Athlete Agenda is here to protect YOUR Athlete Agenda. It's time to live your best life.

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  • Testimonials

    I really do appreciate all the info you put out for your fellow paddlers... I truly value what I learn from you. My paddling path isn’t the usual one, so I have to find my own way, and your info is always motivating and helpful in some way! 


  • I personally love my Athlete Agenda and have noticed huge changes in my day to day life because I am being accountable to myself and TRACKING my data (whaaattt?? me tracking nooo). Thanks again April for being a great coach!!